The brand

Polder is a Parisian label launched in 2001 by Natalie Vodegel and Madelon Lanteri-Laura,
a creative duo composed of 2 Dutch sisters.
Every season, Polder proposes a strong universe of essentials for women and young girls. The materials are precious, natural and luxurious. The shapes are minimalist and worked with a high standard for the cut. The range of tints is soberly colorful. Each collection reveals a palette of audacious and rich textures and colors.
Throughout the seasons, Madelon and Natalie managed to construct a young House of unique style within which the values of work, creation and authenticity are essential.

Polder offers an affordable designer wardrobe with a clearly de ned style that mixes minimalist spirit and bohemian touches, androgynous allure and relaxed femininity. The know-how of great Parisian houses and the authentic and uncluttered spirit of Northern countriescan be found in the polder collections.

« The integrated prototype workshop allows complete freedom of creation.»

fall - winter 2017-2018

"A town of Bauhaus architecture, half-light, large avenues, an urban vision in black and white, an 80s rhythm box as a background sound. A girl, in a hurry, walks fast.
A tomboy figure, wearing a men’s overcoat, a fluid vintage-look gold dress. High-heeled boots, thick hat. A skate under her arm, she disappears in the basement of a building."



Spring - Summer 2017

A woman artist, inspired from a sculptress in her studio,
surrounded with rough materials: plaster, terracotta, stoneware, marble, bronze...
The principal ranges of the season emerge from this universe: natural fabrics and mineral colors.
As it is often the case, the collection borrows from masculine clothing codes.
Workwear in thick canvas and clean poplin shirts, worn in a more or less relaxed way, sign androgynous looks.

Marina photographiée par Stella Berkofsky

« In 2017, the polder house celebrates its 15 years,
the occasion to edit a “Gold capsule”, a birthday collection
around the gold color.»
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